Discover Nunavik by helicopter with Nunavik Rotors

Fly in helicopter with us,
we offer you the sky.

Nunavik Rotors offers a unique view of the Nunavik landscapes.

By helicopter, fly to magnificent locations while enjoying a spectacular view of the great natural areas of Arctic Canada. From Kuujjuaq Airport, fly over lands that have shaped the history and culture of the Inuit.

Our tourist excursions promise you an exceptional experience.

For companies, our services will allow you to transport employees and equipment quickly to workplaces that are often difficult to access.

Fly to the limits of Nunavik.

Central point of Nunavik, Kuujjuaq is the ideal starting point to discover in our helicopter this majestic and majestic territory. Nunavik Rotors offers many packages and personalized services:

  • Touristical tour ride
  • Geological exploration
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Aerial Photography
  • Air Taxi Services
  • Aerial Work Services