Helicopter services for your business

For fast and reliable work,
choose our helicopters.

Nunavik Rotors is located in Kuujjuaq, transportation hub in Nunavik, we offer quick access to the entire region and neighboring territories.

Locating on the ground, geological surveys, transport of equipments and materials, employees travelling for work, aerial photography… Whatever the needs of your company, our helicopters and our team are at your service.

See our helicopters section for more details on their capabilities and equipment for the job.

Nunavik Rotors is a locally owned
and operated company.

Our commitment to the region and it’s community allows us to offer you a range of services that are advantageous for your project. Our knowledge of the human and material resources available in the region, our familiarity with local environmental concerns and their applications will save you valuable time.

Also our strategic position will allow you to benefit from considerable savings on peripheral costs.


  • No ferry fees to and from the area
  • No room and board costs for our crew
  • No transportation costs for crew rotations
  • No additional fees for support services