Nunavik Rotors helicopter tours

Like a bird see the world
from the sky.

Discovering the unique and spectacular geography of Kuujjuaq and its surroundings from the air is a privilege that few people have had the chance to see. The best way to experience this unbelievable experience is aboard a Nunavik Rotors helicopter.

For an expedition to the Torngat mountains or any other places you dream of exploring, our custom helicopter services offer you a multitude of possibilities.

Nunavik Rotors also offers 4 popular packages that take you to the must-see destinations in the area. As a bird fly away and let us guide you.

Choose your package



5 to 8 minutes

Kuujjuaq from above,
a circuit of the community

Ideal for a first helicopter ride

Snowy Owl

20 to 25 minutes

Old Ship,
Old Chimo,
Big Nose (Gabriel Lake),
Koksoak River


Drop down and
spend a day picking Aqpik berries
at an exclusive Heliberry location.

10 miles radius

Canada Goose

40 to 45 minutes

The “long-haul” tour :
Koksoak River to Ungava Bay,
Dry Bay,
(Spot a musk-ox if you’re lucky)

  • Available by reservation
  • Assumes a group of 5 per trip
  • Possibility of multiple packages or customized packages on request
  • Do not forget your camera