Nunavik Rotors helicopters

High performance aircraft.

Our ASTAR 350 is a wide body turbine helicopter capable of accommodating various loads, goods or five passengers. Its speed and range are unmatched in this category of devices.



  • Wide body cabin construction allows five passenger seating plus crew in comfort
  • Although our machines are intercom equipped, the exceptionally low cabin noise level permits cabin conversation in flight without intercom
  • Rapid – Stow seating versatility allows various combinations of passenger and cargo configurations
  • Three separate cargo compartments provide additional cargo space unmatched by any other helicopter in its class
  • High speed plus long endurance yield an unmatched range in its class:
    – Maximum Airspeed: 178 MPH
    – Cruise Airspeed: 130 MPH
    – Fuel Consumption: 38 G/H
    – Zero Wind Range: 375 SM
  • AS350-SD2 Useful Load: 2210 lbs internal / 2760 lbs external



Special equipment to note that are available and included in our service:

  • Fixed floats for over water flight operations
  • Litter Kit for medivac operations
  • Side cargo baskets
  • Sling gear (assorted sling gear, long-lines, nets, barrel slings, etc.)