Nunavik Rotors a Kuujjuaq native company

We fly high
and our roots are deep.

Owned and operated by local interests, Nunavik Rotors guarantees you reliable and efficient helicopter services.

Our commitment to the region is, for us, a source of pride that drives us to always offer better services. As a sign of this commitment and to support our community, search and rescue, medical evacuations and all other emergencies are among the priorities of Nunavik Rotors.

Nunavik Rotors, in operation since 1998.

In the late 60’s to the early 80’s, there were helicopter services available here in Kuujjuaq with a number of southern-based helicopter operations. The closure of the base in the early 80’s led to a significant decrease in the availability and regularity of helicopter services here in Kuujjuaq and the Nunavik region. Seasonal operators came for short periods during the summer months.

It was in the mid-90’s that we started playing with the idea of ​​launching full-time helicopter services in Kuujjuaq. The project is quietly taking shape and becomes reality in 1998.

Nunavik Rotors is proud to celebrate 20 years of passion and commitment in the service of the Nunavik region.

Nunavik Rotors is solely owned by Air Inuit, Nunavik Rotors is the helicopter division with Air Inuit.